We supply, install and repair computers, servers & Monitors

Installation and set-up of hardware and software are two different processes.


We supply, install and maintain computers, routers and other peripherals. iTech starts with finding the RIGHT make, model and capacity of hardware for small to medium sized businesses, that fits and fulfill your needs and make sure the warranties, power cables and converters to performance perfection.


iTech have industry knowledge to configure and trouble shoot in server and network software. We provide award winning software for IT protection. We start with finding the right software that can be deploy, configure and managed quickly and easily. And we explain Renewal, Removal and upgrade process.

Things to be considered

How many users and how they use.  Roles and limits.

Keep up with latest standards.  Efficiency and Protection.

Settings and access points.  Usage and Monitor.

We supply install, maintain and repair:

Home computers, laptops, routers and internet.

Self employed servers and monitors.

Business network systems and infrastructure.

Please give us a brief description about your situation and needs. We will get back to you with a SUITABLE PLAN, BEST PRICE with RIGHT PROCESS.


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