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and IT headaches.

What is involved in Systems Maintenance?

In the Technical terms, ‘Configuring the operating systems and optimising the network servers’. In iTech words, ‘getting the most out of the wealth of technology and getting it to work right for you’. (Read more about our Hardware Sales)

First, finding the right software. Second, deployment and configurations. Third, managing of any software is important. We will track down whatever software you are looking for.  (Read more about our Microsoft products and other Software Sales)

As saying goes ‘brain is the hardware,mind is the software’. Most businesses IT spending is more than the requirement. We will make sure your hardware and software fits perfect to fulfill your business demands.

In every case iTech can offer a solution that suits your needs. Saving you money, time and IT headaches. Minimise IT problems and support costs with iTech’s Managed Network Service

iTech provides advice, support, supply and supervision of Hardware and software for small to medium sized businesses.

Our aim is to make your business and telecommunications process runs smoother, faster, easier and cheaper.

As most of us will have realised now, things do go wrong. When they do, you need someone who will get straight to the heart of the problem and fix the cause rather than apply a temporary dressing. Not only will we fix the problem, we will also advice how to avoid future problems bringing you down.

Why do business IT systems need protection, back-up and monitoring?

Protection- from disasters and virus invasion. Back-up- if something goes wrong. Monitoring- it’s good to be safer than sorry. In short we’ll keep you up and running!


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What kind of protection?

Virus protection: Based on Award winning VIPRE Enterprise software. Competitively priced and Low impact on hardware with automatic or manual remedial action. Offsite mail protection: We all know that email is a critical tool. MaxMail™ delivers peace of mind and comprehensive security and continuity to you.

What sort of back-up?

Everything from power cuts, theft, fire or natural disaster down can destroy your data. We can help you prepare a robust strategy to ensure your business is back up and running in no time, even in the worst case scenario.

What needs to be monitored?

Using our in-house platform, our support staff can monitor your systems in real time. This alerts us as issues start to arise enabling us to resolve them before they impact your business.

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In every case iTech can offer a solution that suits your needs. Drop us a line or Email us.