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Security threats avg. growth by year


User computers attacked at least once in 2013


Proportion of spam in email flows in 2013

Prevention is better than cure!

iTech can help you prevent security threats such as virus, malware, phishing and spam.

As information technology evolves 10 folds, the internet and web based threats exploding 10 times more. from phishing sites, proxies, websites pushing malware to spyware, adware and bot nets. It is vital that you take control of your security to avoid potential problems tomorrow.

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Managed Antivirus:

In 2013, 41.6% of user computers encountered attacks at least once. Our managed antivirus offers you highly effective virus protection with very low impact on system resources. Competitively priced per device per month.Read more

Offsite Mail Protection:

We all know that email is a critical tool for all organisations, right? MaxMail™ delivers peace of mind and comprehensive security and continuity to you. It really that simple.

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