We are all-in-one local IT specialists, based in Tauranga, Serving Greater bay of Plenty, and North Island, New Zealand.

Working since the early 90’s with computers, laptops and hardware sales and installation. Over the years we multiplied our experience by working inside the information technology industry and directly dealing with the customers.

What we know?

From the customer point of view:

  • Customers not getting the information about the products and services properly.
  • They want the products of hardware and software to fit for their use, not more or less.
  • Cost effective solutions with local support for trust and reliability.

From the IT industry point of view:

  • No one utilising the components of any IT hardware, to its potential.
  • Protecting vital information is critical to an organization’s survival.
  • Many businesses operate within the confines, without understanding what really drives their business IT needs.


Competition in the IT manufacturing is very intense and fierce. At least every fortnight there is a new upgrade and a new product with more functions are introduced into the public market.

When we recognised there is a need for local business to stand-up and take advantage of this situation, iTech started with the aim:

iTech, ‘Make IT work for you’.